Brighton 23-09-2009

As my cousin has come down from Brasil for a few months, we had several trips planned to several places. One of these places was of course…Brighton.

Brighton is a fantastic place if you know the right people, good places to go and things to do. I lived there for one year during eventful year at university, and got to know quite a few good places to go and some fantastic things to see and do.

Brighton was also a fantastic time to try out my newly acquired skill of geotagging. I loaded up the car with my trusty TomTom 510, and my Canon EOS 400D with a full battery and a 2GB CaptureFlash card, 18-200mm Sigma Lens and my new 72mm Circular Polarizing Filter just in case I found a new way to use it.

I switched the TomTom on, activating the Event_Logger software (by this time I had already set the program to output in .GPX files (not the standard .XML files and I had also made sure that it used GPS co-ordinates and not what TomTom thought was the right track).

We had gone to Brighton for three reasons (in no particular order).

  1. To visit Brighton and allow Januario (my cousin) to get to know this fantastic town.
  2. To test and perfect GeoTagging.
  3. To go to Wagamama (Japanese Restaurant).

After taking a few pictures and walking along the seafront, getting to know the pier and showing the sights, smells, and wonder of the town we decided to eat.

After eating a FANTASTIC meal (consisting of about 5-6 starters, a main of beef ramen, some sake and some asahi beer, we were absolutely full and ready to continue with our short day journey.

We then continued to tour quite a bit of the town centre, taking hundreds of photos between us and just enjoying the experience (especially the few times we got lost attempting to find the car (rather ironic when you are carrying a GPS)).


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