London 26-09-2009

Both myself and my cousin decided to go to the Capital of England……London.

TomTom and Camera at the ready, we set off the train station at approximately 10am, and arrived in Victoria  about 2 hours later. Walking down, we headed towards the London Eye, as the majority of the tourist attractions lay there and not being camera shy, we took plenty of pictures along the way.

Once we got to the London Eye, we decided where to go first and what to do first. Which was of course…have a traditional English Pint.


After a much needed pint, we decided to go to the “Fright Club”.

Fright Club

Approximately £20 to enter, we saw the videos that they had on their TV monitors on the walls, and decided to scare ourselves silly.

Unfortunately……it was awful…just plain plain awful. 10 minutes (I’m not joking either) of awful actors who are attempting to scare you by shouting “boo”, and badly made props could have been better executed  by a 10 year old child at a Halloween party with a £2.50 a week allowance.

After our disappointing trip to Fright Club, we swiftly moved onto other activities such as Madame Tussauds.


On the way to Madame Tussauds we happened upon a Brasilian BBQ (Churrasco) stand. So as you would expect, I promptly requested a steak sandwich, sufficient to say, it was expensive, but gorgeous nonetheless


Madame Tussauds as always is a phenomenal sight that one should try to make at least once in their lifetime – purely due to the experience. Especially in this day and age of Hollywood and superstars, there will be at least something to please all tastes.

On the note of Geotagging however, London posed some interesting challenges. One of course, is that London’s travel and attractions are typically underground or under some covering of one type or another. This led to numerous blackouts of GPS coverage as shown in the images below:



Due to this, there was also the further problem of GPS/Picture Sync. This meant that during the time I was out of GPS coverage, and still taking pictures, the GPS data didn’t sync up to the picture date/time. This however was rectified by manually inputting the GPS co-ordinate data into the EXIF  data of the image (this will be explained in a later blog post where I shall be detailing a how-to on this).


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