Optimising GeoSetter

Geosetter is a fantastic program to input GPS EXIF data onto your pictures. Below are steps to optimise GeoSetter to give you a much more pleasant and faster experience when using it.

Images for guide are at the bottom of the page

  1. Open Geosetter
  2. On the top left, click “file” then click “settings”
  3. Under file options, near the bottom, you shall see the option to “select all” – click it
  4. Have the following tickboxes ticked:
    • Don’t create internal XMP Data if it doesn’t exist already
    • If IPTC Data exists already, use it as is (unicode or local character coding)
    • Overwrite original file when saving changes
    • Preserve file data and time when saving changes
  5. Under “Data preferences” have the following tickboxes ticked:
    • Consider daylight saving time in time zone
    • Save time zone to exif data
    • Set taken date to all exif dates
    • Add time zone automatically to taken date when assigning map position
    • Flickr geo tags
    • Set IPTC Creation Date from Taken Date (can be changed individually for each image)
    • Use current language for countries (instead of english)
  6. The rest of the options are user preference

2 thoughts on “Optimising GeoSetter

  1. Very good and help full article. I wish you had went on and explained “The rest of the options are user preference”. Or at least made the images big enough to read. I have spent hours googleing trying to find some help on these.

    I hope you will post more articles on using GeoSetter.

    • Hey Karl,

      Thank you for the comments :).

      If you click on the individual images, they should open up for you so that you can read them nice and clearly! :)

      I hope this helps!

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