Due date reminder email in JIRA

If you are using JIRA as a helpdesk, the “Due Date” feature is a bit useless if you do not get an email reminder.

To accomplish this, do the following:

From Atlassian support:

1. Create a search filter in JIRA. You can use the following JQL: project = project = “IT HelpDesk” AND duedate >= 10d
2. Save the result as a Filter
3. Add the user to subscribe to this filter
4. The user will get notification automatically when the condition is met

Whilst this is a great starting point, this needed to be modified to work with all users in a project:

project = “IT HelpDesk” AND assignee = currentUser() AND duedate <= endOfWeek() AND duedate >= startOfWeek() AND resolution is EMPTY ORDER BY priority ASC, key DESC

The filter is broken down to the following:

Project is IT Helpdesk

  • Assignee is for whoever is logged in at the current time. This will save having to create multiple filters.
  • Due Date constrains searches to tickets only within a European (Monday start) week.
  • Resolution EMPTY only shows tickets who’s resolution is “unresolved”
  • Order by orders the search by priority. Blocker/Critical first.

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