Editing Closed Issues without Reopening in JIRA

Something I’ve found useful is using workflow properties to allow a jira-admin rights to edit closed issues. I started putting these workflow properties in so that any jira-admin, could edit a closed issue without having to reopen the ticket and mess up the issue’s change history. More on that in this link:


You should have two properties set for this to work. The first makes the issue editable. The second specifies what group can edit at that specific workflow step.

1. Property Key = jira.issue.editable

Property value = true

2. Property Key = jira.permission.edit.group

Property Value = type-your-group-name

Source: https://answers.atlassian.com


6 thoughts on “Editing Closed Issues without Reopening in JIRA

    • Ah, I’m still working on JIRA 4.4.4, and at least from what I can see, that particular property isn’t the default (nor defined at all!). I can’t log onto my JIRA 6 dev from home, but I can certainly check it out tomorrow to see if it’s defined in versions after 4.4.4!

      Edit: Just logged into the JIRA-dev (v6.x), and jira.issue.editable is indeed defined as a default, so you’d only need to do it in earlier versions of JIRA.

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