Reorder JIRA workflow buttons

To change the order of transition buttons and ‘workflow’ menu items, you’ll need to add the property key ‘opsbar-sequence‘ to each workflow transition that you wish to re-order. To do it, please:

  1. Access the workflow transition’s properties:

Administration' » 'Workflows' » 'Your Workflow' » 'Your Transitions' » 'View properties of this transition'

  1. Type opsbar-sequence into the ‘Property Key‘ field in the ‘Add New Property‘ section;
  2. In the ‘Property Value’ field, type a positive integer value (starting at ‘0’) that defines the order of the transition action on issue views (lower values equals the first transitions to appear);
  3. Click the ‘Add’ button

One thought on “Reorder JIRA workflow buttons

  1. We wrote a plugin to do this and believe it’s worth it’s price if you have a large installation. The plugin provides a drag and drop gui and allows reordering of workflow transitions within a step (reordering workflow transition steps is the next feature in our roadmap for the plugin).

    You can find more out/install it/etc from the Marketplace page at URL:

    We’re currently offering a promotion for folks interested in our CCC Last Comment plugin where we include a free license to Transition Reorder X (what we call it) – had nearly $10K in sales of last comment since the promo went live and…nobody’s bothered to download TRX. Strange when you can’t even give it away…

    Note: our plugin only works with the Server version of JIRA, it doesn’t work with OnDemand.


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