Change the Default OU for New Users or Computers in Active Directory

Run the following command(s) in a command prompt on the Active Directory server to change the default Organizational Unit (OU):

For Computers:
redircmp ou=ComputersOU,dc=mydomain,dc=com

For Users:
redirusr ou=UsersOU,dc=mydomain,dc=com Continue reading

DrayTek’s Vigor 2850 Firmware v3.6.4 Breaks Windows Server 2012 Essentials Anywhere Access

The latest firmware(v3.6.4) for DrayTek Vigor 2850 line of routers breaks Anywhere Access for Windows Server 2012 Essentials when it is setup with an Static IP address and an SLL Certificate for your own domain name.

The problem lies to the new feature introduced by DrayTek latest firmware called SSL VPN. This feature by default uses port 443 for any SSL VPN connections which in turns bypass the configuration of Windows Server 2012 Essentials for port redirection of https requests to be delivered to RWA Website.

The DrayTek’s Support answer which fixes the problem:

1. go to SSL VPN>>General Setup, and change the port from 443 to another one

2. go to System Maintenance>>Management, and change the HTTPS Port from 443 to another one.


Old Exchange Flaw Persists in iOS 7

A series of symptoms that often arrive hand in hand, sporadically, on Apple devices running various revisions of iOS 4, 5 and 6, up through 6.1.3.  Those symptoms include devices running warm to the touch or even hot, a battery that may drain significantly faster than normal, and spikes in cellular data use of up to ten times the user’s normal pattern.  While this trio of symptoms may well have more than one culprit, the many instances that I’ve personally witnessed have since been reduced to a single common cause.  One with a quick solution. Continue reading

How to Monitor Network Traffic in Windows 7 with Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4

Microsoft released a best network monitoring tool recently. Its an good idea  to use this product with your MS Operating systems since both from same place. This post explains how to monitor network traffic in windows 7 with latest Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4.

Sometimes, it will be very useful at home user level to check your network activity. When Windows 7 network slow, internet browsing very slow, connection problems and high network activity when you do nothing then this tool is very helpful. Continue reading

10 Core Concepts that Every Windows Network Admin Must Know

The 10 core concepts that every Windows network admin must know. These are the things that you not only need to know in your day to day job as a Windows Network Admin but for anyone who is interviewing as a network admin. Continue reading